Naked pictures? Bad idea

We all have that one girlfriend that loves taking pictures of herself. She sees a flash and immediately starts posing, she hears "picture" and starts fixing her hair, so when her significant other asks her to take some sexy nude pictures it shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. Everyone knows that the minute a picture, text, or file is sent over a cell phone, it can either make you or break you. Technology is a dangerous thing nowadays, especially digital nudity. Once the picture reaches another persons phone, they have the ability to forward it to everyone with a telephone number and picture messaging capabilities. Yikes! That's a pretty risky message if you ask me.

We are driven to do risky things, even though we know they're wrong, simply for the adrenaline and the misconception that once we send that picture, a guy will like us more.  It's a surefire way to get attention from the opposite sex and, well, everyone.

SMC student, La Shane Jones, who has admitted to sending a sexy shot of herself to a boy she was talking to, said "It's an exciting feeling when sending it, I feel like he'll appreciate what he has more because he can always glance at the picture, even when I'm not there."

When asked what she would do if he were to forward the picture to all his friends, Jones said, "I don't think he would do least I hope not!" If you're still not convinced that sending out nude pictures of yourself is a dumb decision we can flip the script, because guys can make the same mistake.

Take Brett Favre for example, the quarterback of the New York Jets, at the time, decided to send Jenn Sterger, a reporter, some pictures of his genitals; lovely right? Maybe, if he hadn't been married since 1996 and Deadspin hadn't posted all his pictures on the World Wide Web. Not only has his marriage gone down the drain, but his career has also.

And who can forget dainty little Disneystar Vanessa Hudgens?  On VH1's website, it regurgitates the entire scandal of the pictures that she took of herself in 2008 that were meant to go out to her boyfriend, actor Zac Efron, but ended up all over the web and television.  She is known as a role model for kids, how many Disney programs are going to want to book her now?

Plenty of people have gone through this mistake and end up learning the hard way that getting naked for someone and sending evidence to them is a dumb idea. Ladies, if you can't lookyour man in his face and say "I completely trust you with this picture of me at my most vulnerable moment" then don't hit send! Who knows where it will end up or what problems will initiate, your reputation is what's on the line and it's simply not worth it.