Political correctness not always correct

There is a time and place for everything.  Where words or actions might be considered belittling to some, they might be accepted elsewhere.  Your workplace versus your living room when you're watching late night television are different environments as far as what is allowed and what would be considered politically correct. Political correctness refers to being aware of the choice of one's words in order to avoid offending a group of people, or reinforcing a stereotype considered unfavorable or detrimental.

However, where is the line drawn between what is within acceptable limits, and what is deplorable?  Has political correctness gone too far in many circumstances?

A school in Seattle recently decided to rename Easter eggs "spring spheres."  The school was most likely trying to avoid any possible political incorrectness and striving to comply with their Religion and Religious Accommodation policy.

Apparently the city had removed the word "Easter" from all of its advertised egg hunts as well.

Of course this is not an extreme example of political correctness gone awry, but it's a little unbelievable.  The effect might be minimal now, but it can't help but have this looming snowball effect feeling—in terms of hypersensitivity to political correctness.

What has Seattle accomplished with their "spring spheres?"  Nothing.  The world is not a better place because of "spring spheres."

Egg hunts were brought about by the Easter holiday, but Easter eggs are not even religious, merely an association.  Jesus was not resurrected from his tomb carrying Easter eggs.

A child does not have to be Christian in order to decorate an egg, or feel comfortable participating in a school egg hunt.

It's doubtful that children even think about religion as they paint an egg or run around searching for beautifully painted eggshells and candy, because that is not what decorating or searching for eggs is about—it's about having fun.

Egg hunts have always been associated with the Easter holiday, why change this now?

Clearly our society has become excessively worried with offending others.  People who use the term "Easter eggs" are not maliciously trying to hurt anybody's feelings. Hopefully people have more important things to worry about than egg terminology.

There are always concerns about offending or expressing bias towards various groups of people.

In fact, certain television shows such as Family Guy and South Park have built entire reputations on being offensive.

These two particular shows have at some point targeted every race, gender, and religion with their crude jokes.  No one is exempt as far as their criticism goes, even if it sometimes becomes off-putting.

Were you offended?  So was everyone else at some point.  This is life, nothing is perfect.  Someone is always going to be upset about something, it's inescapable.  There are plenty examples of horrendous political incorrectness, and this is what we should avoid and scorn.

There is no all-encompassing perfect solution for ending racism and bigotry.  People just need to conduct themselves in a decent manner.  Easter eggs will forever be Easter eggs in my mind and most others'.

There are too many more important occurrences in this world that people ought to concern themselves with instead of absentmindedly changing the name of an egg for one week