Prejudice still alive and definitely breathing

The Tennessee Senate recently passed a bill making it illegal to discuss homosexuality in the classroom for grades K-8. People have nicknamed it the "Don't Say Gay" bill, in reference to the law proposed. So what gives? Why is this all right? Why can't kids know about homosexuality? Because it's a sin? I thought this country was supposed to be founded on secular ideals and not the whims and fancies of the religious right.

Kids from Tennessee are going to look stupid when they talk with people from other states who know about homosexuality. It's almost like the Tennessee Senate is promoting ignorance. They want people to be unaware of something simply because they disapprove of it. By that logic, we might as well stop teaching about the Holocaust because it was so violent. This way, people won't start a second one.

People should get really indignant about the fact that gay marriage is illegal, and that laws like the "Don't Say Gay" bill get passed. If Tennessee voted tomorrow to make teaching about African Americans in grades K-8 illegal, people would react immediately, and there would be riots in the streets.

The government would intervene and say it's illegal. Lawmakers would be fired, and there would be massive federal efforts to educate the people of Tennessee. As there should be, because racism is a horrible plague on society.

But for some reason, people don't get angry when homosexuals or a LGBT lifestyle come under fire.

How is what's going on right now any different than the civil rights movement during the 1960's? It's exactly the same type of issue—a group of people demanding equal rights. But it doesn't really provoke people the way race does, because it's an issue centered in the private sphere.

More importantly, people are idiots. They either live their life by guidelines set forth in a book written two thousand years ago by people who didn't know the earth revolved around the sun;or, they just don't give a damn. There are so many kids out there who think it's funny to use the word "gay," as though it means "stupid," and some of them are also the types of callous jerks who don't really care about flagrant violations of human rights.

There was another group of people in history who were big on changing children's education. They too wanted to undermine certain minorities. They were the Nazi party; they created the Hitler Youth to make sure kids would be indoctrinated in a culture ruled by hate from a very early age.

So there we go, stereotypical Nazi party references aside, it's not just an issue of violations against homosexuals in Tennessee, it's a question of them promoting ignorance on such a mass scale. People should get upset because it's a stupid bill and it's designed to make their children stupid.

But then again, maybe people shouldn't be so quick to speak out against the religious right in Tennessee. I mean, since they have God on their side and everything, they'll be the ones ascending into heaven on judgement day while the rest of us sinners grovel at the feet of Satan, the Prince of Darkness. But hey, if Hell includes free love and birth control, who really wants to go into eternal paradise anyways?