Wealthy men in power tend to cheat


In the past year, there has been a string of rich, powerful men in the news accused of scandalous sex fervor.  I believe men in power are more likely to cheat, thanks to their power-striven positions, than men without the privileges of power and wealth. This idealism applies to a famous quote from the ‘80s when Rolling Stone Magazine asked Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon as to why rockstars dated models. Le Bon replied, "Because they can".

Powerful men cheat because they believe they can get away with it.  It took the public 14 years to figure out that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love child.  For every time someone like Schwarzenegger is caught, think of how many didn't because they were lucky enough to get away with cheating. Legendary Madam Heidi Fleiss's -yet to be found- black book, allegedly contains a clientele of the world's wealthiest and most famous men.

The necessity for powerful men to cheat all goes back to the beginning of time when kings and other rulers had more than one wife.  Their ruling power granted them privileges and opportunities that no one else could claim. In today's world, monogamy takes over polygamy, but that doesn't stop men from sleeping with other women.  Powerful men tend to be more narcissistic risk takers that don't consider regular rules applying to them. Characteristics like that give them power in the first place, so it's almost contradictory to expect them to turn it off when it comes to their personal lives. With power comes a sense of sexual entitlement, which gives them reason to cheat.

 Politicians are the image of wholesome family values and morals. They are expected to give back to their community, have well-rounded children, and stay out of legal dilemmas..  It begs to ask; why would a man with a successful career, nice wife and adorable children cheat?  This is similar in comparison as to why smokers smoke. Everyone knows that smoking causes a slew of health problems as well as garnering the irritation of others. Still, people smoke Some wealthy men in power will always find ways to cheat, even if it means jeopardizing their careers and personal lives. Like smoking, cheating is enjoyable and necessary for their satiation. 

There isn't much of a surprise when a rockstar or athlete cheats, since their public image tends to lean towards reckless abandon. It's the politicians that cause most of the public outrage because they preach what they don't practice themselves.  Newt Gingrich was part of Bill Clinton's impeachment and had an affair at the same time. Eliot Spitzer broke up a prostitution ring, while in office, yet on his own time, patronized prostitutes.

 John Edwards had a love child with a former campaign worker, while married. Politicians always seem to be having extramarital affairs. Perhaps cheating is the source of their power and they need to constantly fuel from it. According to an article on the Fox News website, "research suggests that with power comes the temptation to stray and many powerful men assume they'll get away with it."

 Men in power have much better resources for cheating strategies then normal men. They have hired help who can cover and lie for them with sincere loyalty only money can buy. Getting a woman in bed isn't a problem for them, since women tend to throw themselves openly into their paths. Ultimately, powerful, wealthy men cheat more because their wives or girlfriends turn a blind eye to the infidelity. As long as there are women who put up with powerful men cheating and women who will be willing to sleep with them, cheating will always be on top of their to-do list. The public should stop being outraged every time a powerful man cheats and focus their attention on other things.