New SMC Malibu campus a boon for environment and commuters

Malibu students need wait no more for an accessible campus: Santa Monica College plans to build a new $25 million campus in Malibu. Some students are excited for the new campus, but others are not. In the long run, the campus will help the environment as there would be less driving for all of the students who commute, and help lighten the traffic for other non-SMC commuters in the process.

The new campus would also expand the school’s networks and help SMC grow to be an even more well-known and credible school.

Elliot Smith, an SMC student and Malibu resident, explains, “the commuters will be able to save a large amount of money it on gas. The campus probably wont be done until after I graduate, but it will be helpful for future students.”

Some were initially upset to hear that $25 million would be going to a new campus when the school is cutting classes and entire programs due to budget cuts. But according to school officials, the money comes from Measure S, a bond specifically for school improvements. SMC has to spend the $25 million on campus construction only; the school is not able to spend the money otherwise.