Record Youth Unemployement

Millions of college students across the nation are busy daily, boarding buses, attending day-long classes and studying in the libraries, and seeking the knowledge to obtain a job that may not exist by the time they graduate.

Many students that are close to graduating may not graduate due to rising school costs and limited federal financial aid, but for those who do, job opportunities are scarce, according to the Generation Opportunity's Millennial report.

Many young people are experiencing a record youth unemployment rate of 12.5 percent, according to the report.

With limited federal financial aid, a student who lives away from home, with no other source of income, will have a difficult time completing the college education necessary to obtain a successful career in today's job market.

With the cost of living, transportation, school supplies and clothing being greater than the financial aid a student may receive in a fiscal year, seeking a part-time job is what most students must do to make ends meet.

More so, in a recovering economy where the majority of adults and postgraduates are unemployed, the chances for a student obtaining a job are slim.

This stagnate flow of unemployment for students — who are not even guaranteed a successful job out of college — renders four-year universities practically useless.

For those who were financially challenged in the past, community college was the option granting a young adult a chance to receive a college degree. But now, with a staggering economy, students may be forced to make cuts in personal spending, return home, or seek alternate living arrangements to save money, and some may have to quit school and pursue manual labor jobs.

The percentage of student unemployment may seem moderate, but the actual percentage is around 16 percent because there are students who have given up looking for jobs, according to Generation Opportunity's millennial generation fact sheet.

After applying to hundreds of prospective jobs and being denied employment, many students have given up the search for employment — relying on financial aid and student loans to barely make it through college, according to the fact sheet.

Students should have an even greater chance in succeeding in a business environment as the rest of the country. Without supporting students, the government if not supporting its future.