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Twitter really does not want me to feel left out. Twitter wants to make sure I am safe, and that I have a job. Twitter wants to make me laugh. Twitter just wants the best for me. The opportunities that Twitter has given all its participants are astounding, especially when it comes to live-tweeting, which is to engage on Twitter for a continuous period of time with a sequence of focused Tweets, according to Twitter developers. Live-tweeting can be viewed on a variety of topics, many benefitting the reader in some way. Unlike most social media, Twitter is not in a world of its own, but instead adapted to an individual's specific world.

When I am not living my life, I can read real-time tweets from people living theirs. CraveOnline Music Channel editor Johnny Firecloud provided full coverage of the second weekend of Coachella.

Guests at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night, live-tweeted the event and posted pictures and videos online. Much of the focus seemed to be on documenting the night rather than being there — so much so that speaker Conan O'Brien asked everyone who was live-tweeting the event to use the hashtag "incapable of living in the moment."

Tidbits from events paint a picture for the envious individual not present, but tweets do not have to be on current events — Twitter has evolved to holding its own events.

Comedy Central is currently holding its first #ComedyFest, a comedy festival that will take place entirely on Twitter. More than 50 comedians have been participating in live-tweeting events, panels and more, and it has been the best thing that has happened to me this week.

Twitter is likely the good target for newspaper websites to focus in on and harness. Breaking news stories are usually huge traffic generators for any site, many of which are linked up to a correlating live Twitter feed. People go to Twitter to share what they know, and learn in return. Twitter users are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, services and products. Businesses of all sizes use Twitter for a variety of reasons, from marketing to customer service. A Twitter feed may even become the new resume. The network-infrastructure firm Enterasys, for example, filled a position in social media marketing using Twitter only. Candidates had to have 1,000 active Twitter followers.

Twitter is now used as a preventive measure to warn the public in times of distress and natural disaster.

From his third-floor window, Andrew Kitzenberg live-tweeted the Watertown shootout between police and the suspected Boston Marathon bombers.

Some time after midnight he tweeted, "crashed cop car with all windows shot out in our driveway." An hour later, he wrote, "a dozen officers going into our yard at 62 laurel street." Then he updated his status with, "bullet hole through our wall and the chair."

As Kitzenberg tweeted photo after photo, he picked up nearly 30,000 Twitter followers.

In medical and psychological fields live-tweeting could revolutionize the way people perceive pain and understand cognitive behavior during procedures and before death.

Kate Granger, a doctor with terminal cancer, plans to tweet from her deathbed so people can understand what the experience is like. Last week, Granger asked her 3,200 followers if they had any suggestions for an appropriate hashtag to use when she is "actively popping my clogs" and live- tweeting the experience. From watching superstar athletes critique their teams in real time — Kobe Bryant live-tweeted the Lakers-Spurs game on April 21 that went to halftime with the Spurs leading 45-37to being able to view minute-by-minute game updates, sports has been one of the most popular events for live-tweeting.

No matter the topic, anyone can follow various events all at once by just checking Twitter feeds.

Although nothing is less intimate than 140 characters worth of half-collected thoughts, live-tweeting has increasingly comforted my need to know. For everything I am missing out on, Twitter has it covered.