Staff Editorial: SMC is there to help

The community must realize that Santa Monica College offers services to help students through dark times, and that these services need to be taken advantage of in hopes to prevent tragedies. On Saturday afternoon, SMC student Tian Lu jumped head first off the roof of Parking Structure 4, near the SMC Swim Center. Although the SMC Psychological Services office chose not to comment on the recent suicide, their information sheet states that during crisis situations, they will provide immediate intervention for students.

The office encourages students to make appointments, however, walk-in and crisis hours are set aside each day for students who feel they cannot wait for a regularly-scheduled appointment. But walk-in hours tend to fill quickly and are available on a first-come basis. Also, counselors are not available on certain days and times. If a student is unable to receive help from the school when in dire need, there are many other institutions to seek help from.

Foremost, students should take care of their mental health. Seek assistance if experiencing sadness, losing interest in activities, or withdrawing from friends and family.

However small or big an issue may seem, SMC offers counseling for it.

Other services offered at the office include personal counseling, referrals, consultation, and alcohol and other substance-abuse programs.

With the semester drawing to a close — finals week is just around the corner, and college acceptances and financial aid are being considered — it is understandable that students may be experiencing large amounts of stress.

Stress is not something to be ashamed of. Everybody suffers from it at one point or another in their lives. It is alright to admit that sometimes help is needed.

The Psychological Services office is located in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 110.