Donald Sterling: The truth of the tape

The public media outlet is not a reflection of reality. People are used to what’s been on television regarding the Donald Sterling call of racism. From hearing the recording of Donald Sterling’s conversation with his back door lady V. Stiviano, it’s extremely apparently that there is a lot more happening there. The conversation is odd and strange to start off with, and why it was being deliberately recorded with an interrogation feel is also questionable.

Multiple times from the very beginning to the end, it’s clear Mr. Sterling is agitated, feeling she is not grasping what he is trying to get across. It’s obvious he wanted to end the conversation because of her lack of understanding.

It feels as though words have different meanings here, in their use and why they were chosen. He isn’t targeting minorities directly. He’s targeting the people whom she is hanging out with and posting about on Instagram. It’s out of context and lacks the real issue of how the conversation got started.

The Los Angeles Clippers are at an all time high right now, as a playoff team with a shot at a championship. Because of the tape, Stiviano is now more known than the guys on the bench, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if a desire on her part to be on reality T.V. spurred a new hit series.

Mr. Sterling uses the term "black people" because that’s what she uses first. Minorities and black people are seen by him as two different terms, yet she speaks of them as interchangeable.

These different understandings cause conflict between them. This makes Sterling sound racist to the public and Stiviano.

Who benefits from a lifetime ban? A possible new owner? The NBA with increased viewership from this drama? Miss Stiviano gaining fame? Rumors have even emerged that Magic Johnson could be making moves to buy the Los Angeles Clippers.

His understandings of her instagram posts revolve around the posts of her hanging out with other people whom she has possible relations with. So he’d rather she not post these things publicly. The conversation has nothing to do with minorities or people of skin color; it’s the fact that she’s advertising to the public who she’s hanging around with that initially bothers Mr. Sterling.

The issue is her broadcasting her habits to the world; not just the Magic Johnson photo, but multiple and large amount of photos of her with other guys of different races, which he doesn’t like. No husband would want to see or hear about their wife with multiple random guys on Instagram or Facebook.

Sterling says he promotes love for all and wishes hate upon no one.

The man in question did not give off a hateful vibe nor did he say anything questionable. What she is saying to him is based upon nothing, and just feeds his rage. People hear what they want to hear, and it’s always nice to have someone to talk about. Perhaps it’s the degeneration of humans due to social media that makes this okay.

As Willie Dixon sang, “Men lie about that spoonful, Some cry about that spoonful, Some die about that spoonful, Everybody fight about a spoonful."

With the allegations against Sterling and Ms. Stiviano's recent pleading no contest to the DUI charge against her, the Sterling fiasco just seems like another common cry for more attention from celebrities, it’s textbook media garbage being fed to the American public. Eat it up America.