Midterm Elections: The Elephant Strikes Back

"Pure will without the confusions of Intellect...how happy! How free!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

The American Republic has given the world a demonstration of how to conduct national harakiri. On November 4, the tradition of retaliating against the standing president by voting for the opposite party was recycled, this time in a large enough quantity that the entire Congress is now dominated by the Republican Party. In the Senate, the Republicans captured 52 seats as opposed to the Democrats' 44, and in the House it was a 244-184 death match. The president is now surrounded by the red sea, with no means to part it.

Anyone with a healthy cynicism towards the rationality of voters (if not humans in general), received a good enough sense of validation scrolling down the list of winners.

The masses voted for the right-wing out of the same fears and frustrations that have pushed the peoples of Europe to vote for downright fascist parties in countries like France. The economy, and Obama's lightweight approach to dealing with it, was Brutus's dagger. Forbes reported 45 percent of voters said the economy was the most important issue facing the country. The report portrayed the majority of voters as pessimistic, with 78 percent worried about the government's direction in the next year. Only 1 percent agreed that the economy’s condition was 'excellent.'

The 2008 "Yes We Can" acid trip has obviously worn off on the youth of America, as votes from this demographic massively declined, according to data presented by Reuters. Only a third of eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot. Sadly unlike Europe, or Latin America, we don't even form viable alternative parties; we simply swing like a pendulum back and forth.

But while both parties have proven to be incompetent, useless tools of the ruling elites, the situation is now particularly dire. The party now in charge features a gallery of curious, whacky, downright insane individuals. If the Democrats are corrupt, cynical blowhards, then Republicans are madmen determined to take us back to the Middle Ages, and solve major foreign issues with trigger happy policies.

My favorite personification of this season's political witchcraft is Iowa's notable winner of the state senate, Joni Ernst. An all American-looking former pig castrater, Ernst is beloved by the most paranoid wing of modern Republicanism. Of course, the fact that Ernst used to castrate pigs for a living is no issue, honest work is honest work, it's her policies that should raise eyebrows.

Ernst happily opposes hiking the minimum wage, endorses privatizing social security (because mass privatizations are doing wonders for Kentucky and far away Greece), and is convinced that Iraq did have those never to be found weapons of mass destruction used to justify the disastrous 2003 invasion. Ernst also loves her gun, stating that, "I have a beautiful little Smith & Wesson, 9 millimeter, and it goes with me virtually everywhere."

Ernst of course believes we need our guns to defend ourselves against the government, because everyone knows we're so close to becoming Syria. This is the usual dementia of someone who has never lived through an actual war and resides in a country where guns are instead used by the mentally deranged.

In Colorado, the wisdom of its population showed when they elected an exorcist, Gordon Klingenschmitt, to their House Of Representatives. Klingenschmitt has publicly claimed on his TV show, "Pray In Jesus Name," that gay men use child abuse to "recruit" new gays, that Obamacare causes cancer, and that President Obama himself is possessed by demons and requires an exorcism. Yes, this is who people are electing into public office.

Of course any society that gave fame and glory to the Kardashians and "Alex from Target" should be considered certifiably insane. Seeing as how we are the modern Ottoman Empire, what happens on the home court impacts the world. Consider the Middle East: Obama just announced the deployment of 1,500 additional ground troops to Iraq, under the guise of advising the corrupt, pathetic Iraqi government against the Islamic State and its determined, messianic hordes.

ISIS is a beast of our own making, a deformed nightmare that came about because we invaded Iraq and shattered it. But while Obama has gleefully waged drone warfare for years all across the region, and is now intervening in the Syrian Civil War and Iraqi crisis, the Republican hawks that took over Congress will demand an even greater, bloodier spectacle.

According to The Daily Beast political journal, Senator John McCain is ecstatic in announcing that the new Congress will push for shipping weapons to Ukraine's new right-wing government, to both antagonize Russia while also moving against China's growing influence in the South China Sea.

McCain, now empowered with new allies moving into Foreign Relations committees, is also leading the charge to question attempts by the Obama White House to finally reach a deal with Iran over its nuclear development program. It is a tragic irony that a pack of howling wolves have been voted in as the world commemorates 100 years since the start of World War I. That was a catastrophe caused by the irrational, frankly dumb global chess moves by the world's major powers.

The alternative however, is not to simply vote again for the Democrats in four years, but to start forming serious alternatives in terms of popular parties. Sadly, it might take a cataclysm. In Greece, the same two parties, one liberal, one right-wing, ruled the country uninterrupted for over 30 years until the economy completely collapsed in 2010. When Greeks awoke to find their country in economic despair, with even suicide rates jumping as a result of economic hardship, they finally began to vote for new parties such as Syriza which is both radical, yet tempered with policies outside of the mainstream.

For now, with the Republican Elephant now marching into Congress, we should heed the words of "Lord Of The Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien, who late in life became fond of anarchist philosophy. "The most improper job of any man is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity," he said.