Letter From The Editor: Volume 109, issue 1

Spring semester has now begun and with it we begin our new printing cycle here at The Corsair. As with every new semester we have some new features in our publication and new editors tasked with bringing you the latest news, opinions and photos. In the past few weeks we have had to say goodbye to some staff and welcome new ones. This is your campus newspaper, your best source for campus news and commentary.

In our first issue of the semester we showcase a lot of the diversity that defines our current generation and campus. In our Opinion section, ICC Vice Chair Courtney King discusses the topic of BDSM, "kink" and what she believes is the distorted image of the lifestyle presented by the film (and book) "Fifty Shades Of Grey." The release of the film, and its subsequent box office success has inspired various columns and discussions on its possible glorification of abuse and its celebration of the shallow, objectifying society we currently inhabit. In her piece King focuses on the issues of consent and respect. This is pressing particularly in the atmosphere of a college campus where the "hook up" culture is dominant.

Oscar Arce, head of the Luis Bunuel Institute, also discusses the upcoming screening of two Bunuel masterworks in Santa Monica. Bunuel, the fierce Surrealist critic of society, progress and the future, produced a timeless body of work that still resonates in the age of "Fifty Of Shades Of Grey." Bunuel's work is like an antidote to our current social state, as the Mexican poet Octavio Paz once termed his work, it is the "double arch of beauty and rebellion."

In this issue we also feature an interview with SMC president Dr. Chui L. Tsang, who recently announced his retirement after nine years at the helm. Dr. Tsang leaves behind a legacy full of memorable, admirable moments and also moments framed by recent challenges such as the 2008 economic crisis and the 2013 shooting incident on campus. After a decade leading SMC, Dr. Tsang will leave a major void upon leaving.

Other topics discussed in our first issue include Texas's recent, surprising move against President Obama's immigration reforms and the rising attention aimed towards police brutality.

We are excited to begin this new semester and we highly encourage you, our readers, to send us your letters and opinions. In an open society communication is key. In an age when digital technology has allowed us to know everything yet remain isolated in our own, private spheres, it is important to continue the great traditions of interaction through journalism and print. Good luck with this semester, and remember to take the time to pick up our new issue every Wednesday and read our website daily. We chronicle the world around us, to bring it to your view every day and every week.

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