Re: AS meeting on organization’s constitution sheds light on in-house tensions

To whom it may concern;

After reading last week's issue of the Corsair, I found myself shocked at the portrayal of the Associate Dean of Student Life, Sonali Bridges. The article made it seem as though Dean Bridges wanted to make the Board of Directors meeting much more complicated than it needed to be when in reality, the opposite is true. Dean Bridges was trying to clear up a point that a few members of the Board were unsure of so that the meeting could be carried on in a professional and effective manner. 
As a member of the A.S. Board of Directors, I have been able to work closely with Dean Bridges in committees, various meetings, and the planning of the A.S. Elections. What I noticed on more than one occasion was that Dean Bridges understands the student point of view, and works hard to help make student life on campus more enjoyable. From what I have seen, there has never been an idea brought to Dean Bridges that wasn't considered fully before being rejected. Even after an idea is rejected, though, Dean Bridges works with students to try to find alternate solutions to whatever problems there may be- be it anything from paperwork troubles to difficulty managing stress to needing an extra opinion about an upcoming event, Dean Bridges is always happy to help. 
After having such a positive experience with Dean Bridges for two years now, it comes as something of a shock that a tense moment in an A.S. Board Meeting could be read as anything other than what it was: Dean Bridges attempting to make the A.S. Board Meeting simpler by clearing up any confusion and the Board remaining true to what we thought to be another safe option. 
The A.S. Board is composed of a group of students who are all extremely passionate about making student life on campus better. Dean Bridges is also someone who has invested plenty of her time, energy, and effort into making the student experience a positive one. When so many people who are all excited about campus activities, student issues, and providing for students are all together for a term of one year, things are bound to get tense at times. The important thing to note is the outcome of these tense moments- in this case, the changes to A.S. governing documents that will hopefully make next year's Board of Directors even more effective. 
Thank you for your time and understanding.
All the best,
Maya Kaitel