Letter from the Editor: a season of new harvest

It's fall semester, a season of new harvest. And while we live in Southern California and leaves aren't exactly falling, we are still getting rid of old habits. That being said, here at the Corsair we are letting go of old leaves and developing new ones. With an entirely new staff and a mostly new editorial staff, this semester will be us finding our bearings. We are seizing the opportunity that we have with papers moving online and social media on the rise. In this week's issue, we meet new interim Dean of Student Life, Dr. Nancy Grass, former Communications Department Chair, as she discusses the importance of a good reputation and the Associated Students Board's plan to restore their reputation as the voice of the students. The A.S. has made some missteps in the past, but the new board is working on being more transparent and accessible to students.

Artist Ann Page is hosting her exhibit "Recent Sculptures and Drawings" at the Broad Stage from September 1 to October 10. The eccentric artist discusses her art that is a cross between all things conventional and contemporary, but also avant-garde. Her exhibit proves to be anything but ordinary.

In Health & Lifestyle, staff writer Grace Gardner meets with SMC Chabad Club students to learn about their experiences with Judaism and how it has shaped them in college. The Chabad Club offers a place for students to be study Judaism in a more approachable way.

While religion is a hot topic right now, in Opinion, staff writer Derrick Riggs discusses his views on the war on Christianity. With attention-seekers like Kim Davis, Donald Trump, and Mike Huckabee in the center of the limelight, religious freedoms are being widely discussed right now by presidential candidates, media personalities and the like.

This semester the Corsair staff hopes to still cater to the old fashioned readers who still enjoy our print edition, but also to those keeping up with modern sources of media. With more multimedia content, social media and a focus on the online, we hope to widen our audience and bring you news that you care about.