Letter from the Editor: looking towards the future

College applications are nearing their due date and everyone is awaiting the opportunity to start the next phase of their life by transferring to a four-year university. I will also be a part of that group stressing about what to put on my personal statement, if my grades are high enough to get into my potential schools, and overall just looking forward to the future.

If you are one of those people then to put you at ease is the bi-annual college fair that invites colleges from across the country, including some international schools to inform students about any questions they may have. At first glance, it may look like a waste of time and you see a bunch of pamphlets, pencils, and a lot of information that looks like you could just pull it off of the college website. Contrary to this belief it was actually informative as college officials could answer any specific questions including if your GPA is high enough or if a certain major is impacted.

In this issue, we cover the college fair for those who weren't sure about going or missed it because of classes, etc.

Look out for the most anticipated albums of the year as our Opinion Editor goes through the albums you're waiting for, and for some you might still be waiting depending on whether Kanye decides to release his album anytime soon. And of course, Adele; everyone's awaiting the resurrection of pop music aka her album "25."

It is almost Halloween and while it seems all in good fun to think of quirky costumes, it should go without saying that appropriating other cultures shouldn't be included in any costumes this year. Wearing blackface, a feathered head piece, sombrero or anything of the like should be pretty obviously offensive if you've ever opened a world history book.

Most celebrities worth imitating have personalities and wardrobes that describe them much better than their skin color. As much as this should go without saying occurrences resurface every year, like at the recent UCLA frat party said to be about making fun of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But who dedicates a whole party to those imbeciles?

Leave the buttpads, grills, and dark makeup at home; but a Donald Trump wig should be totally fair game.

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