Letter from the Editor: putting yourself first

It requires a lot of determination to put yourself through school and take the first step towards your future. While community college might be half a step for those people trying to decide what to do with their life, it is still a decision not to be at home being content with not doing anything.

People come from different walks of life and from far distances to attend SMC. Such is the case with SMC student Jeremy Novoa who travels from Victorville to Santa Monica just for his education. While many people would probably argue that it would be easier for him to go to a school closer to home, there is something to be said about the education one receives from SMC that draws in people from out-of-state, country, and from other cities.

In his interview, Novoa discusses what it's like to basically live in his car and instead of being having fun or being in a committed relationship, Novoa has to be committed to his book. He advises to not be complacent with where you are in life and it is really a message that resonates with any student in a similar boat.

One wonders why students come to SMC from other countries when they can attend college for free in their country, why students spend gas money and their time to commute and pass several schools on their way to SMC. Novoa's experience is a testimony to why SMC is considered the number one transfer school in the nation.

In the theme of school spirit, last week the homecoming committee put on its annual spirit week. From carnivals, movie nights to tailgate parties, there wasn't a shortage of things to do for students who were interested.

Previous spirit weeks events, particularly the homecoming game, have had low attendance, but making all of the events free and accessible for students drew in more interest. There's no easier way to draw a crowd at SMC than free food and raffle prizes.

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