Letter from the Editor: issue 2

We dive into second issue as the adrenaline rush from the first week starts to wear off. We finished issue one after an insane process where, minus a true blue design editor, our H&L editor Alissa Nardo learned the design software from the ground up. We labored from 9 a.m. Tuesday morning until 7 a.m. on Wednesday to get it out. We lost chunks of sanity, retained nothing from our classes the next morning and gave the printing company a reason to hate us but we prevailed and were happy with the product.

This week, the drama was ratcheted down a bit. We were able to anticipate possible hiccups a little better and, out of pity, saw a one-week return of our old Design Editor William Miguel, making the process infinitely easier.

America’s prevailing topic of conversation this week continued to be Donald Trump and the election. Both he and Clinton continued to rack up states in their unstoppable bids for their party’s nominations.

According to delegate count, Cruz is the only one that can still see who’s in front of him in the marathon while Rubio languishes in third and Kasich keeps helping Trump by siphoning delegates from the other two.

On the Democratic side, Hillary, along with her huge superdelegate support, has a pretty commanding lead on Sanders. While Sanders’ more optimistic supporters still see the possibility of a comeback, his fate seems all but sealed.

Our Opinion Editor Grace Gardner takes pleasure in this as she comes back for round two of our op-ed duel, arguing that democrats are making the right choice going against Bernie. This week however, she faces a different challenger as our indefatigable A&E Editor Jacob Hirsohn feels the Bern and thinks that you should too.

Our cover story this week is a profile on KCRW. Many students may not even know that the renowned radio station sits below the Cayton Center, but it’s been a part of Santa Monica College’s campus for over 35 years. Our staff writer Troy Barnes was taken on a tour of their facilities and delved into the history of the station. He explores its impact on SMC students, both past and present, and gets a chance to understand the relationship between the school and the station.

News Editor Adam Thomas writes a story about the Community College Association of Student Advocacy, a group of both current and former student government members who are fed up with the way that students governments are being run here at SMC and across the country. Adam attends one of their meetings as they discuss possible methods for invoking change.

Finally, March is Women’s Empowerment Month. Our Photostory documents the International Women’s Day March and Rally on March 6 in Los Angeles.

While the journey to this second issue wasn’t quite as harrowing as the first, we hope you enjoy it just as much.