Letters to the Editor

To the staff of the Corsair:

Your editorial of Nov. 12 contained some wordings I would like to address:

California is a "liberal" state, but fortunately had good common sense when it comes to protecting the family and our children, thanks to the support of the black communities.

You say that the staff of the Corsair finds the passage of Proposition 8 "mortifying, truly a regression of our society's moral standards and integrity."

What? Hey! You're part of a society that:

1. Aborts its own babies

2. Shows no commitment to sexual relations as a "love bond" but only as a casual encounter for "fun"

3. Lives "together" for convenience but with no true commitment to one another

4. Uses females without "marriage" even being considered (I call that a: "Hey, if you can get the milk for free why pay for the cow" mentality). And you don't want to support a Proposition that keeps dignity in marriage?

This is not about "rights." Rights are guaranteed in "domestic partnerships" already. This is about traditional families -with a father and a mother giving protection to children. That is what is important for our society and for the welfare of our future citizens.

This is not regression. This is recognizing the value of family. This is clarifying the meaning of marriage.

I just wanted to let you know there's another opinion at SMC.

Dorothy Jensen SMC Health Assistant

 To Mike Roach, Corsair Staff Writer:

Re: "Challenging Proposition 8" in the Opinion section Nov. 26, 2008.

Your comment: "A hate group that was funded mainly of members of the Mormon Church who do not even live in the state of California."

Have you looked up on the net the names and residences of those who contributed? It was all there to see. They were from Compton, Inglewood, Culver City, Santa Monica, etc. All living in the state of California! Please check your facts!

As to "people putting their lives on hold" - rights of "domestic partnerships" are still in force.

Forgive me if I have the "audacity" to reply and voice my opinion. I just didn't think it was "reckless" to express support for the dignity of marriage and the value of family.

Dorothy Jensen

SMC Health Assistant and California resident since 1955