Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, The irony would be funny if it weren't also painful. I opened the Corsair, the issue from Wednesday, March 24th, 2010, and read the headline: America Is Slipping In Their Educational Standards. This is not a proper sentence, even allowing for the often compromised structure of newspaper headlines. Given the subject matter of declining educational standards, one would hope a newspaper, of all institutions, would at least be able to print a headline in proper English to set a good example. America Is Slipping In Its Educational Standards or, perhaps, more to the writer's intent, Americans Are Slipping In Their Educational Standards. I like your publication; I think it's well above par for a collegiate newspaper, but you've got to get this kind of stuff right to be taken seriously. Both the editor, for a lack of editorial precision, and the writer, for constructing such an awkward headline in the first place, are to blame. I'll keep reading, but keep your eyes peeled next time 'round, please.

R Pawloski

Santa Monica, CA.