Letter regarding article "When war turns people into howling wolves"

What I do not understand is, that as a news reporter you are supposed to be checking your facts, and the fact that you miswrote a very simple fact makes me question how much negligence is in this article. It was all over the news and media that 3 Israelis were kidnapped yet you wrote 4l. When Eyal, Gilad and Naftali were discovered to be dead, the Palestinian Authority as well as Hamas did not condemn these killings. But when it was discovered that Israeli's had killed Muhammad, Israel leaders took swift action in condemning such a killing, finding and arresting the suspects of this crime. How can Israel work with a government that does not take any action in condemning the murder of those three boys? I see it as a huge challenge. 

The fact that you are not even acknowledging Hamas as a terrorist group also disturbs me, when we all know that their charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish people.

Another thing, Israel did force thousands of Israelis to evacuate the Gaza strip in 2005, and did not have a “blockade” until terrorist attacks began to break out in Israel.

A war is a war, and while it is unfortunate that so many innocent lives have been lost we must remember there is a fine line between videos that are out there just to “spark an emotion” and facts.

A fact is that  World war II had a 67% casualty rate. The Iraqi war  had a 77% casualty rate. Death is a horrible thing. I don’t care if you’re a soldier, kid, mother, whatever it is, once your dead you’re dead. But don’t act all shocked over the fact that civilians are dying over this war, because war was not created to be efficient. It was created to cause terrible damage in the short term in return for a peaceful, death free long term. We should root for the future, not the present.

You also failed to mention one of the main reason for why the IDF is still in Gaza is because they found terror tunnels that lead all the way to Israel. That Hamas was planning to use them to kidnap Israelis on the Jewish New year this September. That Hamas already took advantage of their tunnels, making a home video of them entering an Israeli border, killing five IDF soldiers and attempting to take one of their dead bodies hostage.

And lastly I really love how it was not mentioned anywhere that the Israel Defense Force warns civilians to leave their hospitals, schools, homes and mosques, because Hamas stores their rockets and fires from those areas. What do you want us to do? Allow them to continue firing ?

Israel wants peace.  My family and friends do not want to go to war but they have to. The only way we can move forward from this is to eliminate Hamas and put in leadership that has the best interest in mind for their own civilians, a group that can work towards peace and trust with Israel.

Ashley Mashian

UCLA 2015 | Communication Studies
NOTE FROM EDITOR: The typo described the author of the letter has been fixed regarding the number of Israeli teenagers kidnapped in the West Bank.