We've Got Issues

The past month has been an absolute embarrassment for American politics. Many believe the criticism of President Obama has taken an alarming and uncivilized direction. This has resulted in an unbalanced cause and effect that is becoming the focal point of Obama's presidency.

Last Saturday, a Facebook poll was created by a foolish juvenile asking whether Obama should be killed. The options were simple: Yes, No, Maybe, and Yes if he cuts health care. Although the details of the poll results were not confirmed due to Secret Service involvement, Facebook indicated that at least 700 people took part in the survey, before it was taken down on Sunday.

The controversy over the poll is justified. The use of social networking and the role the media plays has created a host of ways for people to express themselves. However, examples like the Facebook survey are particularly dangerous because it can incite violent behavior that is not conducive to society.

By using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the use of the First Amendment is expanded to a broader audience. Most importantly, the amount of time people can articulate their opinion has changed because information is being shipped on to the internet at an accelerated pace and at continuous twenty-four hour cycles.

Yet, the abhorrent nature of the poll should not be downplayed because it was created by an immature adolescent. In the last few months those opposed to Obama have taken a different approach in showing their disdain for the President.

Since Obama's historic election as President, Obama has received the most death threats of any President in American history. According to the Secret Service, there are at least 40- 50 threats against the President per day that are investigated by the Secret Service. As a result, security for the President is at an all time high. When ignorance outweighs sensible thinking, the situation can be extremely dangerous.

Many of the politicians in the House and Senate have not tried to eradicate this insensitive behavior. Instead, it seems they are inciting the inflammatory remarks. A number of politicians are fighting for their political careers and will do almost anything to gain a moral victory. We all knew that the election of a black man would be a monumental moment for America and the world. However, Obama's skin color is now turning into his biggest misfortune.

Protesters carry signs saying, "Obama is a Witch Doctor"! , "Obama-Nomics Monkey See, Monkey Spend"! and "Bury Obama-Care with Kennedy". These disrespectful demonstrations have nothing to do with Obama's policy and everything to do with racism. Rep. Geoff Davis-K continued the bigotry when he referred to Obama as a "boy". With the continued attack on Obama growing more and more racial, something truly has to give.

America is a country that is special because of the civil liberties we are guaranteed at birth. We have the right to have our own political and social views and we as Americans have the ability to speak out on what we feel are injustices.

Yet how far have we fallen when we choose to defile someone not for their ideology but because of their race, when the politicians we put in charge are showing more disrespect than the individuals they govern.

If this is the America we are turning into, what will history say about us as we continue to struggle with the idea of tolerance and race as a society?  It is 2009 and the fact that race is still an issue in America is the biggest injustice of all.