Presidential Preservation

The famous author, William Feather, once stated, "Don't let ambition get so far ahead that it loses sight of the job at hand." No statement personifies this more than the President Barack Obama's handling of the issue of Global warming and the environment.

Obama has preached numerous times on how to improve the environment, but health care and the economy remain the of the administration and the country. Thus, causing many to wonder when the environment's most pressing issues will finally gain the attention it needs.

Once Obama's Administration took office last January, the foundation was assembled for an environmental plan that would revolutionize how Americans looked at the environment. Obama exercised a vigorous approach on the issue of the environment by ending destructive environmental projects enacted by the Bush Administration. However, since then Obama's focus has cooled down as environmentalists demand some initiative. 


The problem with the Obama Administration has little to do with the policies being proposed. The issue with the administration is that the strategy is not being executed properly or in a timely manner. Obama's ambition is what separates him from his comrades. Yet, it also exposes Obama's inexperience especially in a changing America

According to the White House, Obama's administration is invested in producing energy jobs, ending America's dependence on oil, and restricting pollution in the atmosphere. These ideas are important and necessary however, the actuality of this being considered is relatively small. Obama is adamant in making sure all the measures are passed, causing many to view his stubbornness as proof that the plan will not receive much support from Congress. 

The White House has reiterated the need for a comprehensive energy plan. Yet, the problems many are having with the Obama Administration is their need to appease Democrats, Republicans, and environmentalists. Before Obama's advisors coddle lobbyists and lawmakers a realistic energy plan needs to be devised.

By now Americans know that change is a necessity in the way we use energy and power. The Obama Administration stated that they were constructing plans to repairs the power grid.

Still, Obama has not acknowledged the proverbial elephant in the room. The obvious issue with rectifying the power grid is where will the money come from. The overhaul of the power grid will cost an estimated $100 billion to improve. If the government decides to increase taxes to cover the costs, the White House will receive criticism from the American people. 

Although, many of Obama's ideas are receiving heavy criticism, his plan for greenhouse emissions seems to be gaining momentum with the lawmakers of Washington. Still, there are some helpful alternatives needed because when the bill was presented to Congress last year it was not received well.

The reason for this was due to Democrats and Republicans believing the bill was too expensive and would further damage the economy. This year, Obama has to limit the funding because money is a tremendous factor in our current recession.

Even though, many feel the government is ignoring the issue of the environment, many Americans are turning into activists. Students canvassed many areas of SMC's main campus on Thursday, October 22, to draw volunteers and support for the International Day of Climate Action. The event held in Manhattan Beach was attended by hundreds of individuals to promote awareness.

Ultimately, an environmental plan would do more than benefit the environment. The plan would create millions of jobs and benefit all aspects of the American economy.

The time is now for Obama and the lawmakers of Washington to be proactive on the environment. We receive a constant reminder of global warming as the weather in southern California changes drastically every five minutes. We as citizens recognize that global warming and pollution is still persisting. It is time for Obama to recognize this too.