Barrymore and Long go the "Distance" in new comedy

Dry humping, an awkwardly hilarious attempt at phone sex, and a superb cast makes "Going the Distance" an enjoyable movie.


After meeting one night at a bar in New York City, Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) hook up and fall in love soon after. The problem however, is that she's only in New York for an internship with a newspaper and will return home to San Francisco in six weeks. Even on opposite ends of the country, Erin and Garrett are willing to do all it takes to make the distance a minor factor in their relationship.


"Going the Distance" doesn't break the generic mold of the romantic comedy with the happily-ever-after ending you expect. The two characters, however, corroborate the story line with charm and appeal. Meanwhile, the supporting cast of the male best friends (Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day) and Erin's older sister (Christina Applegate) display enough biting wit and laugh-out-loud moments to make the film more notable than any of its more recent counterparts within the rom-com genre.


What makes the characters likeable is you get the impression they aren't much different off-screen than they are on. With Long's boyish looks and Barrymore's quirky charm, they equally exude a genuine down-to-earth persona. You root for them as a couple, you want to see them together, you think to yourself somewhere in the almost two-hour runtime, "Why aren't they allowed to see each other more!"


Their careers and finances play a factor in keeping them apart. Since they're both not making much money, they can't afford to fly to one another during the costly holiday season. It's that lack of spending time together that undoubtedly puts a strain in the relationship, but you want to watch to see just what happens next.


The issue of their financial situations has a relatable tone, given the present day economy. She works for a newspaper and wants to become a reporter, facing the challenge of no available jobs within the profession. She lives with her sister (Applegate), her sister's husband and hyper daughter, and waits tables to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Garrett is in a low-level job within the recording industry.  What ensues given its plot line and impediments faced throughout make the movie the delight it is.

This comedy undoubtedly brings in big laughs and it's a decent choice for a date night or to watch with a few friends. Bottom line, if you have a couple free hours and want a few laughs, yes, go the distance necessary to a movie theater near you and watch "Going the Distance."