"Halcyon Digest" a worthy indie album

It's official: Deerhunter's new album "Halcyon Digest" is out and it's worth a listen. The beginning of the album opens up with a melodic beat and lead singer Bradford Cox's mysterious and haunting voice. It's enough to make anyone addicted to their intoxicating and mesmerizing sound. Deerhunter's "Halcyon Digest" is truly a parallel between eccentricity and musical genius.

Deerhunter, a band originally from Atlanta, has much to offer the music industry. Musically, they mesh together so well it was almost impossible to find a flaw within the album. Apart from their obvious talent and passion for music, Deerhunter upholds their reputation for individuality and some excellent tracks can be found on "Halcyon Digest."

The band's lead singer, Bradford Cox, uses his unique vocals to direct the band through the entire album .The first song, "Earthquake," contains ethereal sounds and a haunting set of lyrics such as, "Do you recall your face was white as all? Your bone was sweet. Do you think of me? Your long lost friend lost at sea."

Other tracks such as "Don't Cry," "Fountain Stairs," "Memory Boy," and "Revival" have a more upbeat feel. However, none of the songs lose their indie rock vibe, nor their depth. Another song on the album "Desire Lines" reflects influences from artists such as Sea Wolf or Bon Iver. It is this track that shows the diversity of Deerhunter.

However, one of the most outstanding songs on "Halcyon Digest" is the track entitled "Helicopter." Fluid and crisp in its delivery, "Helicopter" is a work of art. Lyrics aside, the poignant melody alone is enough to move the soul and ensnare the senses.

Compared to the previous albums, "Halcyon Digest" shows the maturity, talent, and devotion to the making of exceptional music. Deerhunter continues to impress the audience through their faultless delivery of each song. Listen to the album but be warned; symptoms of uncontrollable dancing and rocking out may occur.

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