Bruno Mars "Doowops" a slight flop

Do you hear that voice? The smooth, tenor full of soul grit that you hear on the radio and music channels? It belongs to 25-year-old gifted melodic singer Bruno Mars.

Standing tall at number one on Billboard's Top Hot 100 for the third week in a row with the single "Just the Way You Are," the Hawaiian native is not new to the hit single business. Producing and writing songs for both Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Flo Rida, Mars has proved his worth. Yet his full-length 2010 debut album, "Doo-Wops and Hooligans" is just another pop album that will inevitably escape the radio waves -- and, the top of the charts.

Opener, "Grenade," is a catchy tune that has Mars expressing his love for a girl.

"Runaway Baby" shows off Mars' rock ‘n' roll side. It's a fast paced, high tempo effort that stands out from the entire album. However, a weak moment does show through in "The Lazy Song."

The reggae approach in "Liquor Store Blues," featuring Damian Marley, brings out the pain in Mars' voice as he talks about past experiences with drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Marley definitely saves this track because without his licks, it'd be another unauthentic reggae effort.

The two ballads on the album rival one another. "Talking to the Moon" and "Our First Time" shows Mars' slow and soulful side, though they may be too slow for their own good.

Finally "The Other Side," is an upbeat, catchy and exciting song. Mars brings two friends along: B.O.B and Cee Lo Green. It's a good finale to a barely decent pop album.

Although Mars has been referred to as "soft" because of his light falsetto voice, his co-producer said earlier in the year in an interview with, "What people don't know is there's a darker underbelly to Bruno Mars." However, you will not get that dark, depth they speak of in this album.

Overall, the album is heavy on the vocals, light on the instrumentals. The concept of the album is mediocre—everything you hear on the radio and everything you'd expect.