Belle & Sebastian loose their luster

When a band has continuously produced hit singles and albums for the past ten years, their devoted fans will expect them to keep up the lyrical momentum that won them over in the first place. But what happens when they fail to do so this time around?


Since their 2006 album "The Life Pursuit," Scottish sensation Belle & Sebastian have been out of sync musically for the past few years. It was only an obvious assumption that "Write About Love," their newest release, would be hindered by the band's past failed attempts at a solid music album.


Instead of sticking to what they were put on the charts for, Belle & Sebastian decided to take a step outside of the box and modernize their nostalgic tones with more dance-like beats. Unfortunately, the end product does not live up to the usual standards that fans are used to.

With past albums, Belle & Sebastian managed to produce each song with its own individual personality, giving listeners a larger range of music to listen to. But with this new album, each song sounds more like each other, such as the singles "Come on Sister," and "Write about Love."


"Write about Love," the band's single, features the voice of actress Carey Mulligan. The song tells the tale of a woman who is fed up with her current social position in life and who yearns for the man of her dreams to come and rescue her from the mundane. Fortunately, Mulligan's exquisite voice gives the song a more whimsical tune that fits the Belle & Sebastian mold well.


Ultimately, with all of the hype behind the release of their new album "Write About Love," Belle & Sebastian's teetered between either a hit or miss. The album unfortunately leans more towards a miss, but there's still hope that next time, Belle & Sebastian will finally return to their classic melancholy roots that devoted fans fell in love with in the beginning.

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