"Inhale" review

How far would you go in order to save the life of a person you love? That is the dilemma that the main characters face in the new film, "Inhale."


Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, "Inhale" is about an up-and-coming District Attorney. Paul Stanton (Dermot Mulroney) must find a way to get a pair of lungs for his daughter Chloe (Mia Stallard), who has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease and can't be placed high on the donor's list. The only way to keep his daughter alive is to travel to Mexico and find a Dr. Navarro to perform an illegal transplant. While Paul is in Mexico, his wife Diane Stanton (Diane Kruger) must care for their daughter and hope Paul succeeds.

The actors in the film give believable performances and the film is shot in a way that complements the film's subject matter – dark, gritty, and real. The story is also interesting for some of its runtime, but runs into trouble by the end, making this film hard to recommend.

The most glaring problem with the film is the ending. The ending doesn't feel organic or realistic and brings the film down. It feels like the screenwriters' (Walter A. Doty III, John Claflin) intention was to try to surprise the audience, but instead ended up feeling unbelievable, and nonsensical for the movie.

In addition to an unrealistic script, the film spends too much time tricking and beating down Paul. Paul is supposed to be a new District Attorney, but from the looks of it is well off because he gets his money taken often, yet is still able to bribe anyone he needs to.

Inhale" starts off as an interesting race against time story, but by the end the film becomes a colossal waste of time. The only reason to see this film is if it is playing on cable.

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