Kings of Leon review


Alternative rock band Kings of Leon released their anticipated fifth album, "Come Around Sundown" last week, making it clear that the Kings have finally found a good balance between their pedigree and process.


Some fans might miss their old sound prevalent in their first albums, while others were probably expecting the same, current music from their most recent albums. However, the Kings have found some kind of balance in "Come Around Sundown" to even both sides out, mixing all their previous albums into one.


Despite their success from their 2008 release, do not expect to find another "Sex on Fire" or "Use Somebody" on this new album. The lyrics to their lead single, "Radioactive," are interesting, but it is almost impossible not to be disappointed after the incredible hits their last album brought us.

The variety of songs range from rocking tunes with attitude, to softer, smoother songs. Their southern feel is heard throughout the album, though it doesn't work with certain songs, like "Pony Up," and "The Face." Those exceptions are easily forgivable, however.

Kings of Leon continues to make good songs that manage to stay outside the mainstream radar. It is impossible to get sick of the band's lead singer, Caleb Followill. Followill's voice will continue to give us the chills and make some of us fall in love with his incredible pipes.

If you are a first-time listener to Kings of Leon, "Come Around Sundown" may be the perfect start. But it will definitely be hard to compete with their recent album, "Only by the Night," which was their first platinum-selling album in the United States.

The cover on "Come Around Sundown" says it all, though; the ocean, palm trees, and the sundown, because that would really be the perfect time to listen to it: at sunset, by the beach, and isolated from the world.

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