"Paranormal Activity 2" review

"Paranormal Activity 2," the most anticipated scary movie of the year, is finally here.


With only a budget of $2.7 million, the film has already made $41.6 million kicking "Jackass 3D" off its high horse, which only brought in $21.6 million its opening weekend.

The sequel is a continuation of the first film's storyline. Katie Featherston who played herself in the first film along with her boyfriend Micah, make unexpected reappearances throughout the movie as her sister, Christie, has just had her first-born son, Hunter.


The movie starts out slow with an in-depth look into the family's lives, but as the film progresses, so does the actual paranormal activity.


What was most appealing about the film was the fact that it wasn't all hand recorded by one person like the first movie. The family is suspicious after coming home from a day out in which they see their house completely turned inside out, as if it was robbed. They then set up a security system with several cameras throughout the house.


With a new director the second time around, Tod Williams managed to capture the essence of the first film that was directed by first-time director Oren Peli. Williams is fresh in the movie business, having only directed three other films: "The Adventures of Sebastian Cole," "The Door in the Floor," and "Wings Over the Rockies." As of now, "Paranormal Activity 2" is the height of Williams' career.


The plot was nearly the same as the first film. The only difference was a larger cast. You will witness everything you saw in the first film: large sounds that'll make your heart race, people getting dragged out of rooms and down the stairs. It's nothing you haven't seen before. Sure it was scary, but the only thing that made the movie worthwhile was just the anticipation.

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