Saw 3-D: Game over

With its seventh and final chapter, the gory road of the "Saw" franchise is over. Kevin Greutert ("Saw 6") takes the director's chair once again to send us on one last grisly ride.


The "Saw" films are infamous for their brutal opening scenes and this last one is probably the best of the seven. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), the notorious mastermind of the brutal "trap/game" killings, decides to put on a public display for everyone to witness. Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), the sick ex-detective, carries on Jigsaw's legacy by attempting to finish what he started with one last game.


This last film focuses on the character Bobby, played by Sean Patrick Flanery, who faked his story on how he survived a Jigsaw trap to achieve fame and fortune while trying to reach out to victims of previous traps seen throughout the past few films. Naturally, this is something Jigsaw completely disagrees with, making him determined to show Bobby the true essence of life and what he should be grateful for.


The "Saw" films have been extremely entertaining for avid gore fans, and each movie has somewhat unique stories that tie all the films together as they progress. However, they are all similar in the sense that it's nothing you haven't seen before. This last installment is no different. While the new games that Jigsaw stirs up in every film is quite an adventure, all the traps and games look fairly similar seven films later.


The actors' performances were just about the same as it has been throughout the past few films: decent, but nothing short of mediocre. The same could be said for the script, if it wasn't evident in the audience's laughter towards the ridiculous lines spoken throughout the film. As far as being a horror movie goes, if you have a weak stomach when it comes to gore, "Saw 3-D" does the job, but it could have been more realistic.


Lions Gate Entertainment has been promoting this latest installment with a focus on the 3-D aspect of the film, though it did not live up to the hype. Where was the gruesome, cheesy, cringe worthy 3-D? A few fleshy body parts here and there, but it was very short-lived.


If, and only if, you've watched the past "Saw" films, then the last one is definitely recommended. Otherwise, it's best to stay in.

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