$10 Tuesdays: Hurry Curry

Standing on the corner of Venice Blvd. and Beethoven St., I smelled beckoning curries, naan breads, and Tandoori coming from inside a plain red building. Walking through the door I hesitated, thinking I had walked into a kiosk selling Bollywood DVDs, candy, and Indian spices, as several shelves were filled with such merchandise

A man with a friendly smile welcomed me, directing me to a small table, and I realized that I was in the right place

I sat down inside Hurry Curry, having heard rumors of the cheapest Indian food in town.

The restaurant was more or less empty, except for a few customers that were waiting for their take-out this Tuesday afternoon. The restaurant had a counter to place your order, reminding me of the classic school cafeteria.

No peanut butter and jelly here, I pointed and chose the curries I wanted to try. The red trays and plastic plates used to serve my choices on only increased the cafeteria vibe.

The furniture gave the restaurant a “dive-bar” feel. There was nothing covering their walls, and tables placed randomly, with chairs looking like they could fall apart at any second.

Unless desiring tandoori or appetizers, guests are presented three different lunch combos. ‘Lunch Combo 3,’ the most varietal, came with one meat curry, two vegetarian curries, naan bread, rice, and a drink for the affordable price of $8.69. The amount of food was enough for two people to share.

It was not the best Indian food I had ever tasted, but for the unbeatable price, better than expected.

Hurry Curry's garlic naan is amazing and fresh, and their vegetarian curries were the focal point.

The vegetarian Gobi Matar Masala was really worth the try-- cauliflower, peas and tomatoes in a stew, spiced with cumin, coriander, ginger and garam masala. Exotic spice combinations highlight Indian food, particularly evident in Hurry Curry’s Sabzi Sangam-- seasonal vegetables mixed in a mild sauce, with aromatic spices

If you are craving curry and have a tight budget, like many students, Hurry Curry is the perfect destination. There was nothing fancy inside, not even the best atmosphere, but the food was good enough.

Yay!-- Garlic naan and rice included in the lunch combo. Nay!--The goat curry was filled with bones and fat.