The Lady Corsairs Await First Game of the Season

The new softball season has yet to begin due to rainouts and the postponement of games.

There is an eagerness to begin the season, because of the new presence on the field.

Earlier this year, new Athletic Director Rhonda Hyatt hired the current softball Head Coach Tamara Ivie.

Ivie, a Northridge alumna as well as a former softball team player, has had experience coaching in different collegiate levels such as Division 1 schools like Michigan State University and Arizona State University.

Even though her main job is coaching, Ivie recently played in the National Pro Fast Pitch, which is like the World Series for fast pitch softball.

Her coaching style is intense and rough, because she has received the best training from professionals.

The team this year consists of one returning player, Amanda Salvestrini, who can play center, shortstop, or second.

There are new first-year teamsters: Mona Kamdjou, who plays right and left field; Brenda Martinez, who plays first and catcher, and Michelle Sierra, who is one of the team's pitchers.

Along with other talented players who make up the rest of the squad the Lady Corsairs look to compete.

There is great excitement around the dirt field to begin the season.

Local newspapers and reporters have shown up on the field to get a picture of the team.

The Santa Monica Mirror put out a story on the team during the winter session, and is expected to attend one of the opening season games.

Team support is tremendous, considering that there has not yet been a game.

Support has mostly poured out from the athletic department and their coach.

The softball team started a raffle in order to raise money. The raffle consists of a $5 charge and the chance to win a package of five DVD movies.

There will be two raffle drawings, in order to increase more people's chance of winning.

The team practices for three hours a day, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Clover Park softball diamond.

Games are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday, when rain is not an issue.

The season has yet to get under way, though the team is ready to conquer anything in their way as they eagerly await the first game of the season.

Be ready for the softball season to start, as the Corsair softball team looks to dominate.