SMC Weekly Fitness: Sophomore Meghan Duron

Meghan Duron is always on the go. For the 19-yr-old basketball guard, that's what it means to be fit. Between classes and training for games and running track at SMC, Duron chooses to spend any extra time that she has working out at the gym.

 "I think being fit means being active," Duron said. "You have to want to work out and be healthy and I want to always have a healthy body."

Duron believes one reason people don't make the time to work out is because they think it will be too difficult. But, she says "working out doesn't have to be hard, it can be something fun like dancing."

Duron's off-season training regimen consists of running, weightlifting and core workouts.

"On-season we focus more on specific plays like shots and dribbling," Duron said. "We run a lot too because you have to be able to run for fast breaks."

Duron says she doesn't stick to any strict eating regimen except that she'll make sure to eat a lot of carbohydrates before games.

Hip-hop music is another necessary ingredient to get Duron motivated before a game. "I listen to Fabolous, Lil Wayne and a lot of underground rap to get pumped up," said Duron.

As far as people who motivate and inspire Duron, family friend and former USC women's basketball star, Jessica Cheeks is high on her list.

"I look up to her because she's hard-working both on and off the court and I admire that and want to be like her," Duron said. Another player Duron admires is Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade.

Duron says she doesn't spend much time watching women's basketball because "it's less aggressive" and "most girls want to play like guys, so I'd rather just watch the guys," she said.

Duron believes that having self-confidence is essential to being a good athlete. She says playing basketball has made her a more confident person. "You're always in competition with yourself, trying to be the best."

Playing collegiate team sports has gone a long way toward helping Duron be the best she can.

"I've learned a lot competition-wise because not everything goes your way," Duron said. "You learn to overcome different things…obstacles…and you learn how to stay calm mentally and physically."

Duron has set a personal fitness goal and challenge for herself that she may or may not be ready for. "I want to do a triathlon with my dad, but I know the biking will be the biggest challenge for me," she said.

Duron says she plans to maintain her level of fitness long after college. "I'll still be at the gym playing pick-up games and working out."