SMC Weekly Fitness: Football Wide-Receiver Treyvon Jimenez

To play the game of football, players must embody dedication, determination and courage. For freshman Treyvon Jimenez, these three components have played a huge role in his personal development as a wide-receiver and the improvement of the SMC football team as whole. "Coming to SMC this year I was impressed by the improvements of the team as far as conditioning and working out," said Jimenez.

Vying for a spot on the team, Jimenez knows it will take more than determination and courage to reach his goal. To prepare for competition, he puts in multiple hours of work, highlighted by specific footwork drills, to ensure that his skills are up to par by the upcoming season. "I practice my footwork by doing three cone drills," said Jimenez. "It also helps me have good balance and strengthens my ankles."

Being on the field requires an exceptional amount of endurance, and to assure he can maintain that peak level of fitness, Jimenez pushes himself through arduous conditioning exercises. "I like to run stairs since the incline helps me speed-wise," said Jimenez.

Jimenez isn't willing to settle for second best, and that self-determination to exceed his own expectations is what drives him everyday. "I'm always striving to be the best," said Jimenez. "I try to catch one hundred balls a day and always work on my route running."

Off the field, Jimenez follows a simple diet that consists of avoiding non-processed and less fatty foods. "I always include some type of green vegetables with my meals and eat a lot of baked foods instead of fried foods," said Jimenez. "I always follow my diet no matter what because I'm disciplined enough to avoid the tempting foods like desserts."

From the field to the dinner table, Jimenez is always striving to be the best, and a certain NFL superstar gives him that extra motivation to reach for the stars. "I really look up to Reggie Bush," said Jimenez "He's so good that I strive to be better than him, and I'm always trying to outdo the best."