SMC Weekly Fitness: Rodney Hudson

For second-year shooting guard Rodney Hudson, playing the game of basketball is simply second nature. Despite playing both football and baseball as a child, Hudson always gravitated towards basketball and subsequently learned to appreciate the sport at an early age.

"Man, I've been playing basketball since I was five years old," said Hudson.

For Hudson, developing a love for the game at such a young age has now manifested into a drive that pushes him to compete both on and off the court.

"I've loved winning since I was in the crib," said Hudson. "I've always been competitive in everything I do."

This Inglewood native possesses a killer instinct that is one of the unteachable intangibles involved in basketball. Possessing the will to compete and working with his head coach, Jerome Jenkins, Hudson stays on top of his workouts to ensure that his game remains flawless.

"I enjoy the workouts with the team, "said Hudson. "The practices are constant; sometimes we have three-a-days. Coach Jenkins is always working with the players to improve their game for the next level."

Hudson trains on a daily basis, building an arsenal that will stimulate even more success for the sophomore guard in the upcoming 2010-2011 season. From his ball handling skills to his conditioning, Hudson is constantly working on every aspect of his game to ensure that he won't miss a beat on the basketball court.

"I'm always working on my shooting accuracy, dribbling through cones with a weighted ball for ball handling," he said.

Eating healthy for Hudson has never been an issue. "I wouldn't say I have a strict diet, but I'm always conscious of what I eat," he said. "I stay away from fatty foods and junk like soda because it's detrimental to your conditioning."

With food on his mind, Hudson wasn't afraid to admit the kind of meal that he simply can't resist. "I love soul food, especially fried chicken," he said chuckling. "A lot of people think it's bad, but you just can't eat a large quantity of it."

Rodney is just a hard-working athlete with a big appetite. And with his massive appetite for success, Hudson will continue finding ways to improve his game in the hopes that this upcoming basketball season will be one he never forgets.