SMC Weekly Fitness: Alex Cohan

Self-determination can allow a person to reach far beyond his or her own limitations.

For SMC third-year student Alex Cohen, self-determination and hard work go hand-in-hand as she prepares for what could be a momentous day in her life.

Cohen will be preparing for an upcoming marathon this October and she is looking forward to the challenge.

"I'm just going to go with the flow and see if I can run to my expectations," says Cohen.

Previously a sprinter for her high school track team, Cohen is an experienced runner, but facing the element of endurance will be a new challenge placed in her path.

"In high school I did four years of sprinting, so I'm totally unaware of long distance running," says Cohen. "I have to just expect anything."

To prepare for the upcoming fall marathon, Cohen plans to train for both the mental and physical aspect of the endurance-based run.

"I prepare by doing a lot of running," says Cohen. "The cardio is a crucial factor. The race is a lot of miles. I just have to get my lungs ready."

On top of strong conditioning, long distance running also requires muscle and the strength to endure an extensive amount of miles.

"I do weightlifting to build strength in my arms and legs," she says. "Building your cardio and muscle endurance helps you run through the lactic acid build-up and fight through the burning sensation."

For mental preparation, Cohen turns to yoga.

"Practicing yoga helps me work on my concentration," she says. "It also relaxes me and keeps my mind centered, while building my flexibility and muscle endurance at the same time."

With this amount of determination, nothing can stop Cohen's momentum.