Ladies' soccer prevails for fourth straight win

The snowball effect has embodied the continued success of Santa Monica College's soccer squad, as their additions to the win column have established them as a still-improving team on the rise.

The ladies looked sharp throughout the match as they handed the Citrus College Owls a 2-1 loss at home.

Defense on both sides prevailed on keeping the score at a 0-0 draw up until ten minutes to the half, when sophomore Charlotte Toates served up a spectacle of physics with a bomb from 40 yards out.

The shot appeared pre-destined to sail over the crossbar, but the ball decreased in elevation and sailed in over Citrus' helpless onrushing goalie, Lauren Guzman.

As the ball rippled the back of the net, the shift in momentum reverberated throughout the stadium in Glendora and SMC's bench erupted with jeers.

"A well taken goal from a very alert, confident player," said head coach Aaron Benditson.

"Charlotte has been a constant attacking force coming from her outside back position and we always are encouraging her to take more shots on goal," he said. "What a great time to do it...she saw the keeper off her line and committed to taking the shot."

The second half played out rather quietly after the exciting conclusion of the first.

But freshman Olivia Patterson momentarily broke the silence with her second goal in as many games with a cool pass to the side netting off a well-placed through-ball that landed on her feet.

SMC had more trouble defensively than in previous contests as the Citrus Owls proved to be relentlessly competitive, especially when it came to physical play.

Frustration from the Owls after unsuccessful attacks and a couple of aggressive tackles led to yellow cards for players on both sides following verbal disputes.

Despite an allowed goal off of a penalty kick in the last two minutes, the Corsairs were able to lock down defensively and pull of the win.

"I thought it was a very competitive game and our team needed that having come off two back to back second tier opponents," said Coach Benditson after the game.

"Citrus is a strong well organized determined group and you could see it in their resilient play. Although they were down they never stopped battling and for their efforts they earned a goal," he said.

The Lady Corsairs have utilized their talent to keep a four-game winning streak alive, and face tough opponents this week including top dog Pierce College.

Look for them to continue to prove themselves as an emerging prescence on both ends of the soccer pitch and as prominent contenders for the Conference title.