Softball looking for big turn around in 2011

As last year's Santa Monica College softball team wrapped up an in-conference 0-18 record, this year's team looks towards new head coach, Char Wilson for a turnaround. Joe Cascio, project manager of athletics, believes Coach Wilson has what it takes.

"She was one of fifteen applicants…she was enthusiastic, energetic and excited about the opportunity. It's a great combination when you have all that with her experience at the JC (junior college) level," said Cascio.

As a former associate head coach to the SMC men's basketball team, Cascio knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful at the college level.

"Coach Wilson has been doing very well…they're competitive with every game they play. The team's current record doesn't reflect their competitive level. I think with what's been going on so far as an indication, I feel they'll absolutely do well," said Cascio.

Sophomore outfielder, Samantha Bozek, who enrolled at SMC nearly two years ago from Esparto High School in Northern California, also feels they're headed in the right direction.

"She's amazing. (Coach Wilson) pushes us really well - knows exactly what she's doing - she's confident in her players and we've all formed a really great bond," said Bozek. "I love all my teammates."

Though the season is still early and SMC has yet to win its first game, confidence and hard work has not lead them to discouragement.

"We haven't won yet, but we've faced really great teams. We're shaking off the bugs and meshing as a team. The future for us is that we have the potential as individuals; we just need to be cohesive as a group," said Bozek. "We're going to kick ass!"

Walking up to his Chevy Tahoe across campus, Jason Stone, a student and former football player at SMC has heard of the college's softball team, but hasn't seen them play. "All I know is that they weren't very good. Now that I've heard there's a new head coach maybe I'll check them out," said Stone.

Coach Wilson gives hope to students, players, and faculty that SMC's softball team is on the rise.  "It's important to build a strong foundation for the program to come," said Cascio.