Women's basketball falls short of playoffs

The Lady Corsairs fell short of the playoffs Saturday night, playing host to Los Angeles Valley College finishing with an overall record of 17-10 and a conference record of 8-4. Despite winning the match and finishing second in their division, the Lady Corsairs did not make the playoffs due to a new playoff format that only includes 18 playoff teams as opposed to the normal 20.

Coming into the game both the Lady corsairs and the Lady Monarchs were tied for Second place in their division which meant the winner would potentially advance to the playoffs.

The Lady corsairs jumped out to an early 20-11 lead thanks to the shooting of sophomores Haley Newall and Chiquita Thomas who knocked down some big 3 point shots early in the game.

It seemed like the lady corsairs would cruise to an easy victory but good interior offense by the lady monarchs and sloppy Corsair defense enabled the Monarchs to go into the break only down two following a 14-3 run to close out the half 34-32.

In the second half both teams seemed to up the tempo and get more aggressive towards the basket.

Even though the Corsairs led the whole game, charging fouls against them helped L.A Valley to keep the game within 8 points.

It was a back and forth battle as both teams played aggressively and gave there all.

Guard Haley Newell seemed to take over the game for the Corsairs and put the team on her shoulders.

During a timeout with a minute remaining in the ballgame and the Corsairs only up by four Coach Lydia Strong's message was simple, "Let's go out like Champions."

Lead by sophomore Haley Henderson's 12 points, Haley Newell's 16 points, and Chiquita Thomas' 14 points the big 3 of the Corsairs were just too much for the Lady Monarchs as they escaped with a 56-54 win. "A win is a win" said Coach Strong following the game.