Back-to-back for Corsairs

With their win over the Bakersfield Gades the Santa Monica Corsairs secured another Western State Conference Championship. 

It was a hot but perfect day for tennis as the Santa Monica Corsairs dominated their opponent as they have done all year. 

Their victims, the Bakersfield Gades, fell 8-1 with the only loss coming to Hanna Sacher as Bakersfield's Jaylin Chan took the match 6-1 and 6-4.

Co-captains Jutta Collet and Gwendolyn Kauffmann both breezed through their competition that saw Collet winning both her sets 6-1 to win the match and Kaufmann winning her match 6-0.

"She was pretty good today," said Kauffmann after the match, "but I was better." Collet added, "Our team is strong and we feel like we can win state this year."  

They were not the only stars of the day, however, as Katerina Mozolyuk had a tough match of her own against Denisa Hromatkova of Bakersfield that went to a decisive third set. 

It looked like an easy victory for Mozolyuk as she won her first set 6-2. But it was a different story in the second set as Denisa Hromatkova totally dominated Mozolyuk with her iron backhand, winning the set 6-0. 

"She lost her focus in the second set," Said Coach Richard Goldenson.

It would come down to a decisive third set as both players, fatigued from the heat, battled back and forth the whole set. In the end, Mozolyuk came out on top winning the match 6-1.

 "She made some adjustments and calmed down", said Coach Goldenson.  Besides the little scare from Mozolyuk it was back to status quo for the rest of the team as Criss Rodriquez won her match 6-0 and 6-2 and Krystal Hansard won her match 6-1 and 6-0.   

It was more of the same in the doubles matches as the Corsairs swept all three doubles matches to win and secure another Conference Championship.

"They have been steadily improving all season, so why not," said Goldenson in regards to winning a second consecutive conference championship.