Athlete of the Week-Jamiellet Maldonado

Jamiellet Maldonado

    • Year: Sophomore
    • Sport: Women's Cross Country
    • Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    • Major: Nutrition
    • What’s your greatest sports memory?

      "The Golden West meet was my greatest sports memory - I went up 20 places from last year. Last year I came in 56th place and this year I came in 36th place. So it was a huge improvement for me."

      Who influences you and why?

      "I'd have to say my High School Coach Ron Brummel. He encouraged me to keep going. No matter how hard an event was, he pushed me and trained me to get better."

      If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be?

      "Of course my favorite band, My Chemical Romance with Gerald Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero."

      What was the last movie you saw?

      "Dream House,” and it was not good at all. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 2.''

      What is your favorite hobby outside of sports?

      "I like to bake vegan pastries."

      If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

      "Teleportation, so I can go from one place to another in a heartbeat. I think it would just be fun."

      What is your favorite family tradition?

      "Christmas is my favorite tradition, getting all of the family together—and I just like to open presents."

      What are your plans after SMC?

      "I want to transfer to Syracuse University, continue my career as a runner, and get a degree in nutrition. If not, then stay in Los Angeles and help my family."

      How did you get into cross country?

      "Back in seventh grade I met this girl Anastasia who really loved running, and she got me into it. Since then I started to run and I love it."

      If you couldn't do cross country, what would you do?

      I would try swimming. If I'm not running, I'll be somewhere in a pool.

      Future Goals

      Women’s cross country runner Jamillet Maldonado looks to improve from her last meet where she placed 41th in the 5k in Santa Barbara. The 5'2” cross country runner has had a phenomenal year, looks to continue her road-running season at SMC’s next meet at the Western States Conference Championship on Oct. 25 at Cuesta. “I'm just hoping the whole team can make it to finals this year,” said Maldonado.