Athlete of the Week - Alfonso Medina

Name: Alfonso Medina

Sport: Football Position: Quarterback Year: Freshman Hometown: Venice, Calif.

Greatest sports memory:

I would say my greatest sports memory is probably beating Santa Monica in high school. It was at the Santa Monica College field right here. We won in a last-second field goal. It was awesome.

Are any colleges looking at you?

I will know more after this season, but as of right now, I haven’t talked to any other colleges. I’m not really sure yet.

What advice about football and playing at this level do you wish someone gave you before you started?

I wish someone pushed me to really continue working harder and harder. You have to keep getting better and working really hard at your sport for this level. But also, just know that grades come first. That’s very important.

Who influences you and why?

Definitely Angelo Gasca [head coach at Venice High School]. He’s my coach, and he’s the one that really made me into the player I am now. I look up to him so much.

Favorite hobby outside of sports:

Outside of football, I just like to relax and hang out with my friends or my girlfriend.

Most embarrassing moment on the field during a game:

It was right after a touchdown, and I was running off the field to go to our bench, and I just tripped and fell right in front of everyone.

The Corsairs have a 5-2 record so far this season and have three games remaining.

Medina is a big reason for the team’s success, and is averaging almost 246 yards passing and three passing touchdowns per game. On the season, he has accumulated 1,721 passing yards and has 21 passing touchdowns.

The Corsairs’ next game, the annual Homecoming game, is against LA Valley College this Saturday at 1 p.m.