Huff and Puff kicks off spirit week

This year’s Homecoming spirit week kicked off with the second-annual Huff and Puff football game last Tuesday, Oct. 25. The game, which pitted faculty and staff against students, took place on the lawn of the main campus quad.

While students and staff alike watched from the sideline, Department Chair of Kinesiology and Athletics Anna Collier provided commentary for the game, and it was her booming voice that ultimately drew the onlookers toward the unique event.

“You’re introducing homecoming, you’re introducing a fun event between the faculty, staff, and students that people don’t usually have,” said Collier.

The game was played in an eight-on-eight format, and after the first couple series, it was clear that in such a small space, scoring would be very difficult.

According to Collier, the game was played in the quad to attract a larger audience.

Before the game it was all smiles, but when playing actually began, both sides showed their competitive streak.

The faculty and staff wanted to defend their title from last year, while the students sought retribution.

The students went into halftime up 6-0 after Wayne Neal returned an interception for a touchdown.

Despite all sorts of trick plays and gimmicks by the staff, they were unable to score.

During halftime, the cheerleading squad performed with some of the football players.

In doing so, they projected a sense of unity—something that Santa Monica College Associated Students President Harrison Wills felt was key for the attendees.

“We want to start building school spirit here. Instead of just waiting, we want to have it now, we want to experience that excitement and appreciation for our own school,” said Wills.

During the second half, men’s water polo coach Brian Eskridge led the comeback for the faculty and staff, throwing a touchdown pass to tie the game.

Along with his touchdown, Eskridge had two interceptions, which earned him M.V.P. honors for the staff and faculty.

After that, no one would score again, as both teams picked up the defensive effort and stopped each other on every possession after that.

The game would end on an interception by Wills in the end zone, which would secure a tie for the students.

Collier felt the game presented a great environment for interaction on both sides.

“It helps the students see the faculty and staff in a different light,” said Collier.

Wayne Neal earned M.V.P honors for the students with his scoring interception return.

The game’s M.V.P. honorees were rewarded with $100 gift certificates to the SMC bookstore.