Athlete of the Week--Patty Salgado

Name: Patty Salgado

Year: Freshman

Position: Driver

Hometown: Beverly Hills, Calif.

Major: Psychology


The Corsair: How did you get into water polo?


Salgado: “My sister played water polo so it has just been a family thing.”


The Corsair: Greatest sports memory?


Salgado: “I scored 126 goals my senior year in high school.”


The Corsair: What were you for Halloween?


Salgado: “I dressed up as a ballerina. Then, the night of Halloween, I went to the gay parade in Hollywood, it was lots of fun.“


The Corsair: If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?


Salgado: “Alex Myers, captain of the men’s water polo team.“


The Corsair: Which do you prefer, water or land?


Salgado: “Definitely the water, it’s just prettier and I can appreciate being in the water more.“


The Corsair: Artist definitely not on your playlist?


Salgado: “Lady Gaga. I don’t really like her. Right now, a song I listen to to get pumped up is “Gangster Party” by Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne. I also enjoy listening to Kings of Leon.“


The Corsair: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Salgado: “Any of the Caribbean islands, Fiji, or Bora Bora. The beaches and water there are just ideal for relaxation. So really just anywhere that has a nice beach that interests me. “


The Corsair: Any advice for someone starting to play water polo?


Salgado: “Being a strong swimmer is really important in playing water polo. Stamina is also very important - you are swimming back and forth, so you don’t realize how much you have been swimming, so it is really important to be able to swim that throughout the course of a game.“


As the season nears its end, Salgado and the rest of SMC’s women’s water polo team look to finish strong. Despite a record of 5-25 this year, which includes a 0-4 record in conference play, the Lady Corsairs are working hard to develop their young team.

They will play in the Southern California Championships at Riverside, Nov. 10-13.