SMC softball team loses two games in a row

The Mt. San Jacinto Eagles beat the Santa Monica College Corsairs 12-10 in the first of the two games that day, and even though the Corsairs seemed eager for revenge, the grey clouds hovering over SMC Field in Clover Park predicted the gloomy outcome last Friday. Nevertheless, the girls showed positive attitudes during their losing battle, cheering each other on their home field and keeping the team spirit alive during the 5-1 loss of their second game.

“They’re either going to flip the game, or its going to get worse,” Corsairs Head Coach Char Wilson said before the start of the second game. “It’s one of those.”

The second game got off to a good start for the Corsairs, with pitcher Jamie Kenyon making it hard for Mt San Jacinto Eagles at the plate. Even though the Eagles got some good hits, the Corsairs defense was strong and kept the Eagles from scoring any runs.

Brenda Patino, pitching for the Eagles, did her best to keep the Corsairs striking out in their batting, but at the top of the 2nd inning Ferrufino got a good hit and teammate Alyssa White was able to safely reach home plate, taking the Corsairs to a 1-0 lead.

Kenyon continued her good pitching for the Corsairs, but in the bottom of the 4th inning, Eagles Kendra Williams hit a double, turning the game around. After a walk from teammate Courtnie Brooks and a great hit from Kristy Connor, Williams was able to safely complete a run, bringing her team to a 3-1 lead.

The Eagles continued their solid batting, and kept their lead throughout the game.

“I think this game was probably a little more intense,” Coach Wilson said comparing the day’s two games. “So that was better, but ‘next-times’ are going to run out pretty soon. They got to get it together now.”

Although the Corsairs lost both games this Friday, they recently reached semi-finals in a 15-team San Diego tournament showing that they are improving.

“At least, on our tournament we had something great,” Wilson said. “We reached semi-finals, which is outstanding for us so far. We just got to mash together.”