Corsair football sails to victory

The Santa Monica College men’s football team, at their first road game of the season on Saturday night, achieved a commanding victory over Chaffey College, 34-20.

The Corsairs’ defense appeared strong, creating four turnovers, including three interceptions and one fumble recovery.

“I was pleased with certain segments of the game and how we played defense,” SMC head coach Gifford Lindheim said.

Although Lindheim was happy with the team’s play, he was still critical.

“I thought we gave up some easy plays,” Lindheim said. “I think there is a lot of room for improvement on the defense.”

The Corsairs’ defense started off strong, as sophomore linebacker Austin Ehrlich intercepted a tipped pass by opposing quarterback Harrison Stewart.

The interception led to a score by sophomore wide receiver Ralph Gordon II on a pass by freshman quarterback Michael Miller.

In the second quarter, the intensity picked up as 20 of the Corsairs’ 34 points were scored.

“I thought the second quarter was the best quarter we’ve played so far,” Lindheim said.

The Corsairs responded to an early Chaffey touchdown when sophomore wide receiver Reggie Mitchell caught a 36-yard pass from quarterback Alfonso Medina, putting SMC ahead 14-7.

SMC continued their attack when freshman defensive lineman Orlando Ford recovered a fumble that would lead to a 23-yard field goal by kicker Jose Esquivel, giving the Corsairs a 17-7 lead.

The Corsairs gave up a 32-yard field goal on the ensuing drive to Chaffey kicker Erik Zamudio.

Defensive back Rico Wright’s interception with 3:16 remaining in the half led to a two-yard run for touchdown by running back Myles Johnson.

As the first half drew to a close, the Corsairs had another opportunity to score, as freshman defensive back Davante Anderson intercepted a pass setting up a 26-yard field goal. SMC took a 27-10 advantage into halftime.

“I was really happy with the way we managed the time to get into field goal range,” Lindheim said. “I thought it was good time management.”

To lead off the second half, the Corsairs continued their attack, as Mitchell scored a 33-yard touchdown off of a reverse for their final score.

Although Chaffey was able to add two late scores, SMC’s earlier offense was too much for Chaffey to overcome.

“This was a good win for us,” said Lindheim. “It’s always good to get that first [win].”

The Corsairs’ next game is Saturday, Sept. 15 in San Bernardino at 6 p.m.

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