Women's Soccer Unable to Pull Away, Ends in Tie

  The Santa Monica College women’s soccer team came out of their match against San Bernardino Valley College with a 0-0 tie, their second of the season.

“I was very happy with the team’s performance today,” head coach Aaron Benditson said. “We went against a battle tested, very highly committed group in San Bernardino. We have nothing to hold our hats on.”

The game suffered from inconsistencies from both teams. SBVC was on the attack early in the game with multiple shots taken against SMC. But the Corsairs maintained strong defense and  goalkeeping by Cindy Godina, who prevented San Bernardino from scoring.

“I thought we held strong,” Benditson said. “I thought we did a good job on getting back and defending as a group.”

The Corsairs faced a difficult opponent, adding to Benditson’s pride over the results. Benditson said that SBVC was athletic, fast on the break, and that their transition from defense to offense was flawless.

As SBVC continued to be aggressive on offense, SMC was not able to counter with the same intense play. The Corsairs did not record their first shot on goal until the opening minutes of the second half.

“I want to create more opportunities to score goals—as many as possible,” Benditson said. “I think that’s going to be our        biggest challenge throughout the year is finding goals.”

Benditson was happy that the Corsairs generated some opportunities to score goals, even though the team did not display a strong offensive presence.