Running behind

Home field advantage wasn’t so helpful for the Corsair cross country teams last week, as they ran at Kenneth Hahn Regional Park at the Western State Conference Preview on Friday afternoon. With near perfect weather conditions for running, the men’s team kept up a better pace throughout the meet than their fellow women, who appeared to struggle.The Lady Corsairs were first to race, running a total of three miles. They did not place in the top fifteen runners, who were rewarded with T-shirts. The men however ran a total of four miles, which is just one extra lap around the park. The men were not able to place in the top 15 either. The ladies had a hard time keeping up with the top runners, but freshman Inez Alvarez, who came in 84th place, stated, “The hope for my team this year is to make it to the state finals. We have been putting in a lot of hard work and dedication this year.” “Because we were hosting the meet, I felt like I needed to work ten times harder. I need to represent my school well,” said Alvarez. Even though, the Corsairs did not place at the very top, their overall scores ranked them right in the middle of the 10 teams for men and 13 teams for women. The men’s cross country team ranked 5th out of ten averaging 23:43, and scoring 111. The women’s cross country team ranked 8th out of 13, averaging 24:02 and an overall score of 212. “By and large, the teams are looking good. We have put in a lot of miles and hard work and trained for this meet,” said cross country Coach Eric Barron. The cross country teams will travel to Santa Barbra to race against the Gauchos in the Santa Barbara Invitational, to prepare for the conference championship which will be held on the same course on October 23.