The comeback kids

There’s a reason why the Santa Monica College women’s soccer team call themselves the comeback kids. With the soccer season nearly over, SMC is currently in third place in the Western State South Conference with a record of 5-2-4, and 8-3-6 overall. In many of these games, they’ve found themselves in a hole, but dug themselves out and have either won or tied.

Perhaps a highlight of the season was an Oct. 19game against an undefeated Canyons team, who was the conference winner last year. The Corsairs were faced with a 0-2 deficit and a late rally saw SMC tie the game.“Every team reacts differently; some teams need to take a goal to know that they are in a competitive situation,” Head Coach Aaron Benditson said. “To come from behind and get a positive result for ourselves is a big testament to the commitment of the girls, and what their desires and aspirations are for the season.”

The Corsairs have tied with Canyons twice this season; the first time was on Sept. 25,, which yielded a 0-0 tie. Canyons currently holds the best record in the conference.

“There was so much heat built up from last year, and all we wanted to do was show them [Canyons] that they did not deserve it last year,” sophomore defender Briana Mackey said. That tension was because Canyons stopped SMC from gaining a playoff birth last season, and the team did not appreciate the celebration that took part afterward, Mackey explained.

With the standings in disarray as of now, the playoffs are not guaranteed for the Corsairs.

“We are in a ridiculously competitive league, if the playoffs started today four teams would be in the playoffs. There’s no other league that has that going for them,” Benditson said. “We have to win now, tying is not going to cut it, losing is not going to cut it.”

If the playoffs started today, SMC would be in, but the season is not over yet. A lot can happen in the final two games, but the playoffs are the ultimate goal.

Santa Monica College came into the season with high expectations due to their outstanding preseason where they won each game.

“Going into the season, I expected us to do really well, and we have exceeded my expectations,” Mackey said. “Its really awesome, we have a real good camaradarie. If you have a good connection with the team and a good flow, you know you’re going to do well on the field, and we have proven it.”