Great season for Jessica Goldbeck

Playing every day, five hours a day, attending multiple camps, it was only a matter of time before Jessica Goldbeck began to rake in victory after victory.

Her whole life, Goldbeck has been playing tennis, consistently being a top contender in the sport.

"I stated to get serious about the game five years ago," said Goldbeck.

On the heels of a very successful season, Goldbeck emerged as a leader for the Santa Monica College women's tennis team.

She was recently named as an honorable mention to the Western State Conference All-Conference team.

Goldbeck's tennis career began with her father, and she credits her family for shaping her into the player she is today.

"My dad and grandpa played tennis, so they got me to play," said Goldbeck. "I wasn't really fond of it at first, but as I grew older I found myself liking it more."

Before coming to SMC, she played for Taft High School in Woodland Hills.

Having gained such an extensive knowledge in tennis, Goldbeck sees the game become more of a mental one, rather than physical.

One of the toughest matches for Goldbeck, she said, was a challenging mental one against an opponent from Mount San Antonio Community College.

"The girl I lost to was really consistent, and it was frustrating. I was making too many mistakes. She would just return the ball and let me beat myself," said Goldbeck.

Being a freshman, Goldbeck found some difficulty in adapting in the early stages of the year.

"In the beginning of the season I was really nervous, and wasn't playing to my full potential," said Goldbeck. "But as I got to know my teammates and the coach more, I found my game. I wasn't as prepared as I should've been, but my game kept getting stronger as the season progressed."

Despite the team's success, there are some aspects that Goldbeck said she believes could have been improved upon, specifically practice.

"I think we could've practiced more than we did," she said. "That was the only thing wrong with the season."

After qualifying for the State Championships this season, Goldbeck expressed her excitement to return, and have an even stronger performance next year.

"I did well, but I'm excited to go back next year, and have better results," said Goldbeck.

With her college career just beginning, Goldbeck is eager to continue to play for SMC, but is excited to play at the next level as well.

She expressed her hopes to begin talking to schools during the upcoming semesters.

"I would love to play at the university level, but for right now I don't know where. I'm not really talking to any schools yet," said Goldbeck.

Moving into her sophomore year, Goldbeck hopes to perfect her game and have even better results than this past year.

"I have a lot to work on," said Goldbeck. "I need to work on my consistency, and just perfecting my shots."