Alfonso Medina: The Next Chapter

Student Athlete of the Year might be a lifetime achievement for some people. It might signal the winding down of a dream that began during childhood.

But for Weber State University quarterback Alfonso Medina, it is just the beginning.

“I think winning [Student Athlete of the Year] is pretty crazy," said Medina. "I thought I had a good season, but I couldn’t have done it without my teammates and coaches."

Medina was chosen out of a group of 17 nominated Santa Monica College student athletes representing their respective sports. The award represents scholastic achievement, athletic talent and persistence.

Over the last two seasons, Medina helped lead the SMC football team to their first back-to-back conference titles in over three decades.

“I would rather have the ball in my hands," said Medina. "I feel like I know what I can do, I’m comfortable and I know what my teammates can do."

During his time at SMC, Medina emerged as the team leader which he displayed in a variety of ways.

“I’m not real loud or vocal, I lead more by example and with my play on the field. Off the field is where I talk a lot more to the guys,” said Medina.

Finishing up his first semester at Weber State, Medina hopes to have made an impression on the coaching staff as the team prepares to enter spring workouts.

“I’m not cocky, but I’m a very confident person. I think I can definitely lead this team too,” said Medina.

Despite the new surroundings, Medina believes what he learned at SMC will definitely benefit him.

“SMC’s been good for me," said Medina. "It has made the jump that much easier. The only difference is the new place and the new people."

With the recent success of National Football League quarterbacks coming out of smaller collegiate programs, Median said he hopes that one day he too may travel down that path.

“If playing professionally becomes more of a reality later on, then yes it’s something I would like to pursue," said Medina. "If not, I would definitely like to go to grad school, maybe a little closer to home and get a degree in civil engineering."

Medina has been playing organized football within a few miles of his home in Venice, California since he was 8 years old. While playing for Venice High School, Medina won two league championships as well as being named to All-Conference first team and All-City first team.

He attributes his love of the game to his father who introduced him to football at a young age. Other people would come to influence his football career as his skill set progressed, most notably his high school coach.

“From the beginning it’s been my dad, he’s always been supportive," said Medina. "Then when I got to high school, my coach is the one who really groomed me to be a better quarterback."